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Pye is a graphic designer, illustrator and comic book artist.

Starting as the designer for UK sci-fi comic 2000 AD, he shifted to art, developing a distinct visual style characterised by bold, kinetic lines and vibrant colours. Beyond 2000 AD Pye has a highly diverse body of work, from comic art to gig posters, book jacket design, concept art, large scale oil paintings and corporate branding. Clients include Games Workshop, Image comics, Z2 comics, Titan Books, Rebellion, Hasbro, CAB, Harper Collins, Hachette, Penguin, Solaris Books and too many smaller press publishers to count.

His first professional comic work was the on-going series Intestinauts for 2000 AD, followed by Realm of The Damned, a trilogy of blood-soaked black metal inspired horror graphic novels. Pye’s first creator-owned comic book, Petrol Head, launches in November 2023, and combines his love of motor-racing, robots, silliness and dayglo retrofuturism.

Pye lives a wilfully quiet existence in a sleepy town in Warwickshire, UK with his wife, children and ancient dog. When not drawing he enjoys tinkering with bicycles, good beer, computer/board games, model making, and dreaming about cars he can’t afford.

Please check out his work at: